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When unexpected situations lead to using force against another, gaining legal advice to protect your rights is crucial. The outcome of assault and violence charges will impact your future, and understanding your legal requirements is only half the battle.

Don’t face prosecution without a highly experienced legal team on your side.

Our team of assault and violence offence lawyers will do what it takes to defend you without bias. We’ll be your voice, represent you in court, and where required, call on the opinion of medical experts to back you.

Work with the legal team with extensive experience in all areas of assault and violence offences, including grievous bodily harm.

Gain the representation, advice and support you need to fight for the best outcome.
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We are Brisbane’s leading criminal defence lawyers with expertise in all assault and violence

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Consult with a criminal defence law firm before talking to the police or appearing in court, and you will get the opportunity to discuss your case and the legal options available to you. The experienced lawyers at Beavon Lawyers will provide valuable insight and advice, helping you understand your rights and how best to proceed.


Obligation Free Quote

Beavon Lawyers offers obligation free quotes. Our experienced lawyers will provide you with honest advice and assistance, without any financial commitment required until an agreement has been reached. You will also get a transparent breakdown of the fees involved for professional representation from a legal team with your best interests in mind.


& Support

Our defence lawyers are committed to aggressively representing and supporting our clients. We believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial, and our legal team works diligently to ensure that your rights are respected throughout the proceedings. We will represent you in court, speak on your behalf, and provide expert legal advice and support.

Beavon Lawyers

1. Superior Legal Expertise

Our team of highly skilled and respected sexual assault charge lawyers will handle your case with the utmost care and confidentiality, leaving no room for compromise.

2. Your Advantage In Court

The legal system can be confronting, but with Beavon Lawyers, our sexual crime lawyers ensure that you gain a clearer comprehension of the complexities surrounding your own case, explained in a language that is easily understandable.

3. Representation Without Judgement

Irrespective of the offence, we are here to support you wholeheartedly. We are here to represent you without judgement, and with full support, instilling complete confidence in our team of sexual charge lawyers.

4. Australia-wide

While based in Brisbane, our team of sexual offence criminal lawyers possesses the capability to represent clients in various courts and jurisdictions spanning Queensland and New South Wales, extending even to Victoria and beyond!

Proven Results

Me and my partner have dealt with Beavon Lawyers for the past few months/1yr and he got us a great outcome for my partner’s sentencing I believe we wouldn’t of got a great outcome without using them thank you again for your hard work.

Michelle G.

Caring, understanding, friendly, knowledgable, focused on the best outcome for the clients and simply a darn good lawyers is only a few examples of my experience with Beavon Lawyers. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs legal representation. Thanks once again.

Kate M.

So glad I came across this firm. It was a pleasure working with Beavon Lawyers. They were very professional, efficient, supportive and helpful from the beginning all the way through till the end. Will be recommending
Beavon Lawyers to anybody who needs any legal advice or help.

Andrew T

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Need to speak to someone? Call us now on 1800 558 533. We’re here, and we’re ready to assist. Our stealing defence lawyer team consists of legal experts with a world of experience in a number of property offence cases. Our commitment is to provide the most efficient and effective representation that protects your rights as a person. For more information on our services, email us directly at enquiries@beavonlawyers.com.au or reach out through our online form with any general enquiries.


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