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Indecent treatment of children is a serious crime within Australia, but with Beavon Lawyers on your side, you can get through the process with minimal stress, and maximum support. An indecent treatment of children lawyer is going to work with you from the moment you engage our team, through to the final outcome, putting your rights at the forefront where they belong.

We come to you with a wealth of experience in defending clients who are facing charges related to indecent treatment of children, ensuring you understand the required steps to take, and how to get to a fair outcome or equivalent.

Your defence is stronger with Beavon lawyers on your side. Request a free consultation and speak confidentially to our team of criminal defence lawyers Brisbane trusts.

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The experience a child sexual offence lawyer can offer makes them an integral asset to your case, especially when it comes to dealing with charges, negotiating with law enforcement, and offering you relevant advice on how to move forward or progress. Trying to find a lawyer that you feel you can trust may feel daunting or overwhelming, which is exactly what Beavon Lawyers are here for. We, and our previous clients, consider us reliable, trusted, and unbiased in all matters.

We have child exploitation lawyers on hand to support you, guide you, and assist you throughout this entire process. Give Beavon Lawyers a call on 1800 558 533 today or reach out through our online form.

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Exposing a child to indecent act

Procuring a child

Indecently dealing

Exposing a child to an indecent thing

Recording indecent visual image

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Everyone has legal rights, and with Beavon Lawyers we put that at the forefront of our dealings with you from beginning to end. This is why we offer clients a free and confidential consultation to better understand you, your situation, and how to best proceed. Our child exploitation lawyers are here, and ready to support you.

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We believe in complete transparency when engaging clients – it is paramount not only to us, but to you, especially when it comes to legal costs. When receiving a quote, everything you need to know is laid out plainly, with zero hidden fees. You receive the direct costs associated with gaining our representation.


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Not only do we represent and support you during court proceedings, but we also speak on your behalf and offer trusted advice that has potential to lead to fair outcomes. Protecting your rights as an individual is important to our team, which we prioritise from beginning to end of our dealings together.

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1. Superior Legal Expertise

At Beavon Lawyers, your case is handled with complete confidentiality and care by a trusted child sexual abuse lawyer. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to defending you – if you want a fierce fight, call Beavon Lawyers today.

2. Your Advantage In Court

We know how confusing the legal system can be, and oftentimes overwhelming as well. With us on your side, you gain a clear understanding of what’s required from you, along with the complexities around your case.

3. Representation Without Judgement

Despite your chargers, an indecent treatment of children lawyer is here to represent and support you without judgement or bias. Our aim is to instil complete confidence in you, through trusting us to get to the bottom of your case.

4. Australia-wide

Although we are based in Brisbane, we represent clients right across Australia, in all jurisdictions and courts. From wider Queensland and New South Wales to Victoria and beyond. We are accessible wherever you are.

Proven Results

Me and my partner have dealt with Beavon Lawyers for the past few months/1yr and he got us a great outcome for my partner’s sentencing I believe we wouldn’t of got a great outcome without using them thank you again for your hard work.

Michelle G.

Caring, understanding, friendly, knowledgable, focused on the best outcome for the clients and simply a darn good lawyers is only a few examples of my experience with Beavon Lawyers. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs legal representation. Thanks once again.

Kate M.

So glad I came across this firm. It was a pleasure working with Beavon Lawyers. They were very professional, efficient, supportive and helpful from the beginning all the way through till the end. Will be recommending
Beavon Lawyers to anybody who needs any legal advice or help.

Andrew T

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Finding the right support during times like these can be really unnerving. A child sexual offence lawyer is here to put up a fierce fight on your behalf. Give our criminal defence lawyers Brisbane trusts a call on 1800 558 533 today or reach out through our online form. For more information on our services, you can also contact us at enquiries@beavonlawyers.com.au.

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