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The term sexual offence is a blanket term for a wide range of criminal allegations. If you have been confronted with potential prosecution related to such charges, Beavon Lawyers are here for you. We understand you may be subject to public scrutiny, reputation harm, and potentially incarceration, but with a child sexual offence lawyer by your side, you have unparalleled support, strong defence, and dedicated advice throughout the process.

Working with us ensures you have a team on hand that will fight to clear your name and defend you to the furthest extent. Regardless of the allegations, results matter, and our team work consistently and tirelessly to put your rights at the forefront ensuring they are protected. Whether you have been accused or arrested, make Beavon Lawyers your first point of call. 

Your defence is stronger with Beavon Lawyers, let us be your advantage in court. Request a FREE consultation now!

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Understanding how to proceed through the legal system for an issue such as this one can be confusing, overwhelming, and daunting. The child sexual offence lawyer team at Beavon Lawyers are experienced in understanding the extent and strain that these situations incur, making us a committed firm when it comes to providing the highest levels of support and representation throughout the process.  

If you, or a loved one, are facing charges related to these offences, we’re here for you, and we make it our priority to deliver your case the unparalleled and trusted legal support it deserves. Sexual offences relating to a child are serious here in Queensland. When you engage our team, we first assess the situation, explain your specific options, and then develop a path of progression.  

Remember: you are not alone. We are here to fight with you for your rights.

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When you work with Beavon, you are granted an initial free consultation, allowing us to assist you when you need it the most.Before you speak to the police, or before appearing in court, ensure you get in touch with our lawyers. All of our communications are confidential – we’ve got your back.

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We believe in complete transparency when it comes to providing our clients with financials, in fact, it’s something we pride ourselves on. When you receive a quote from Beavon Lawyers, you won’t ever come across any hidden fees or surprises; simply the required costs to gain our representation!


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During any legal situation, it’s imperative you understand and protect your rights. Which is exactly what our mission is the moment you engage our team, right through to the end of your case. Our child exploitation lawyers don’t just represent you in court, they also speak on your behalf and offer leading, robust advice that provides you with the tools for a fair outcome.  

Contact us on 1800 558 533 for more information.

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1. Superior Legal Expertise

We handle your case with complete care and confidentiality, closing the door to any compromises.

2. Your Advantage In Court

Legal situations can be very confronting, which is why our team of lawyers work to gain a clear comprehension of the complexities surrounding your case and offer you the same details in a language that’s easy to understand and free from legal jargon.

3. Representation Without Judgement

Despite the offence, we are here to support you. We represent you without judgement, full support, and complete confidence.

4. Australia-wide

Although being based in Brisbane, an indecent treatment of children lawyer can represent you no matter where you are in the country. We have the ability to support individuals across various courts and jurisdictions spanning Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and beyond!

Proven Results

Me and my partner have dealt with Beavon Lawyers for the past few months/1yr and he got us a great outcome for my partner’s sentencing I believe we wouldn’t of got a great outcome without using them thank you again for your hard work.

Michelle G.

Caring, understanding, friendly, knowledgable, focused on the best outcome for the clients and simply a darn good lawyers is only a few examples of my experience with Beavon Lawyers. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs legal representation. Thanks once again.

Kate M.

So glad I came across this firm. It was a pleasure working with Beavon Lawyers. They were very professional, efficient, supportive and helpful from the beginning all the way through till the end. Will be recommending
Beavon Lawyers to anybody who needs any legal advice or help.

Andrew T

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We’re here, and we’re ready to fight for you and your legal rights. For information on representation or how we can offer you the legal advice you need, give us a call on 1800 558 533 or reach out through our online form. Looking for trusted criminal defence lawyers Brisbane relies on for unbiased support? We can help you in all different areas of law. Email our team directly at for more.

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