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Before anything, it’s important to get in touch with a reliable legal team to assist you through your drink driving charges. Regardless of the offence, Beavon Lawyers is here to support you. With a team of experienced drink driving lawyers Brisbane residents know and trust, you’re choosing a firm that will relay your legal rights and get your disqualification down as low as possible.

Our team offer extensive experience defending clients facing drink driving charges. Gain representation, advice, and unparalleled support in order to get you an outcome that is deserved.

Your defence is stronger with Beavon Lawyers on your side. Request a free consultation to speak with the defence lawyers Brisbane trusts.

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We Offer Expertise in All
Areas Of Drink Driving.

  • Thanks to our teams combined years of experience throughout the industry, as well as our level of knowledge in the area of drink driving offences, we believe we are the DUI lawyers you need to contact for a successful outcome. Not only do we take care of the documentation and stressful aspects of your charges, but we also handle anything related to the following charges.

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    Drink driving in a motor vehicle

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    Drink driving on a jet ski

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    Drink driving on a bicycle

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    Drink driving on other transportation options that move on wheels

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    Being over the BAC while in-charge of a vehicle

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    Being within a vehicle while over the BAC limit

Note: You cannot sleep in the front compartment of a vehicle, or in the back of the car while over the blood alcohol limit. You will need to prove that you were not “in-charge” of the vehicle. Even if the car is not and was not in motion, the police can still charge you for being over the BAC limit while in the car.

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Our team comes to you with a wealth of knowledge in drink driving offences.

When you need us the most, we’re here for you – Before speaking to the police, or appearing in court, get in touch with Beavon Lawyers.

1800 558 533 for 24/7 legal advice.


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We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our clients, especially when it comes to costs.

When you receive a quote from our drink driving lawyers, everything you need to know is right there, you will never experience hidden fees. Only the required costs to gain our representation.


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& Support

Nothing is more important to our lawyers than protecting your rights during legal implications – this is our mission when you contact us for representation and support. Our drink driving lawyers Brisbane know and trust not only represent you in court but speak on your behalf and offer trusted advice that leads you to a fair outcome.

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1. Superior Legal Expertise

At Beavon Lawyers, our team take care of handling your case with the utmost confidentiality and consideration, leaving no room for any compromise.

2. Your Advantage In Court

Navigating your way through the legal system can feel overwhelming, but with Beavon Lawyers at your side, you will gain a clearer understanding and better comprehension of the complexities and obscurities that may surround your drink driving case.

3. Representation Without Judgement

Regardless of the offence, we support you. Beavon Lawyers will represent you without judgement, with full support, doing our best to provide you the confidence you need to trust our team of DUI lawyers Brisbane know and rely on.

4. Australia-wide

Although our team are based in Brisbane, we have the capacity to assist with drink driving cases in a number of courts and jurisdictions. Not only can we assist you in Queensland, we also extend our services to New South Wales, Victoria, and beyond!

Proven Results

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Me and my partner have dealt with Beavon Lawyers for the past few months/1yr and he got us a great outcome for my partner’s sentencing I believe we wouldn’t of got a great outcome without using them thank you again for your hard work.

Michelle G.

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Caring, understanding, friendly, knowledgable, focused on the best outcome for the clients and simply a darn good lawyers is only a few examples of my experience with Beavon Lawyers. I highly recommend them to anybody that needs legal representation. Thanks once again.

Kate M.

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So glad I came across this firm. It was a pleasure working with Beavon Lawyers. They were very professional, efficient, supportive and helpful from the beginning all the way through till the end. Will be recommending
Beavon Lawyers to anybody who needs any legal advice or help.

Andrew T

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Finding the right level of support for your legal implications is imperative, which is why we do what we do here at Beavon Lawyers. Speak to our Brisbane traffic lawyers for more information, by calling us on 1800 558 533 or via email at Alternatively, book a free consultation online to discuss your requirements as soon as possible.

With Beavon Lawyers, your defence is strong.

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