It is often said that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

A court environment is an unfamiliar and confronting place for many individuals. Court processes, legislation, practice rules, and sentencing principles means there is a significant amount of material an individual is required to be familiar with to ensure your interests are being protected.

An individual who represents themselves in court is unlikely going to have the detailed knowledge necessary to ensure their interests are being protected. An example of this is best demonstrated by way of an individual looking to plead guilty to a low range drink driving offence on the first court date. This individual may plead guilty to the offence, and fail to make submissions to the court as to why the court should impose a lesser penalty by having regard to their personal circumstances, fail to make submissions as to why no conviction should be recorded, and fail to make an application for a work license, if eligible, or submission as to why the period of disqualification should be kept towards the minimum. The difference of a loss of license of 1 month compared to 3 months could be a significant difference for some individuals.

Our office has detailed knowledge of all relevant legislation, processes, and procedures, and is in a position to best protect your interest, no matter what charge you are facing. No matter the matter, please ensure you contact our office to help deliver the outcome you require.

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