If you find yourself being interviewed by police, charged with a crime or under arrest — you need a criminal lawyer. You're likely stressed, so here's a guide to finding a good one.

When you're charged with a crime, regardless of the incident in question, Australian law doesn't just entitle you to a defence - it demands it. That's the nature of due process and justice. Should you find yourself being questioned by police, you need a criminal law firm that is at your side protecting your inherent human rights.

However, while the authorities must treat all suspects equally, there's nothing equal about criminal lawyers. In short, some are better than others, having a greater grasp on criminal law, the nature of a criminal charge and the tactics police use to interrogate suspects placed under arrest.

Thus, you don't just need a good criminal lawyer - you need the best. This article will offer insights into how you should approach finding a truly great criminal defence lawyer so you can obtain valuable legal advice. Much like what a solicitor or defense attorney does in court during a criminal case, the process involves asking a series of open-ended questions. But first, it's important to understand the types of crimes that a defence lawyer handles before you retain a better than good criminal defence lawyer. 

For what kinds of crimes does a criminal lawyer offer assistance?

You name the crime, there is likely a lawyer or law firm that can represent you in Magistrates court or police precincts. Generally speaking, a credible and reliable defence lawyer should provide legal advice and counsel for a multitude of offences. Their doing so demonstrates authority and expertise. At Beavon Lawyers, we've successfully represented clients charged with many different criminal matters, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Assault
  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Sexual offences
  • Property crime
  • Fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Traffic infractions
  • Weapons possession

Online research will help you find out more about the specialties of a given law firm, which you can do by visiting their website. For the most part, though, criminal defence lawyers do not confine their services to one offence alone. Choosing a law firm with several criminal lawyers avails you with more options so you can be paired with the criminal defence lawyers that adequately addresses your needs. Here are some questions you can ask to find the best criminal lawyer for you.

1. What are your qualifications?

Meeting in person with your potential counsel is an important component of finding a good lawyer so you can see if you connect at a personal level. But more important than that is ensuring that they have the appropriate qualifications, both in terms of their education and track record. At Beavon Lawyers, experience is our strength, as each experienced lawyer on the team holds one or several professional degrees, including juris doctorates. For instance, Brendan Beavon earned a Bachelor of Laws with honours from Queensland University of Technology and has served as a solicitor in Australia for many years. We have the right lawyer when you're presumed to be on the wrong side of the law.

2. What is your track record?

Whether it is successfully negotiating a plea bargain or exonerating someone from being considered a suspect or person of interest, a good defence lawyer delivers results for their clients. Since our founding in 2022, Beavon Lawyers has represented thousands of clients throughout the country. Be it for domestic violence offences, administrative law or criminal law, we win in local courts by bringing the facts to light and reminding juries that the burden of proof falls on the state, not the other way around. In short, clients are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. 

3. What can I expect if I'm charged?

The nature of the defence largely determines what you can anticipate, such as  whether your case will go to court or there will be a plea bargain. Regardless of the charge, however, a truly competent attorney and/or defence lawyer should be able to give you insight into what will transpire before it happens. Even the best solicitor or public defender can't predict the outcome, but if they have expertise, they'll be able to provide their clients with an idea of what they can expect. 

Whether it is police interrogation, the trial, sentencing or a committal hearing, Beavon Lawyers knows all the layers of Australian law. We're with you every step of the way and will prepare you for all the stages so you're never left guessing about what comes next.

If you've been charged with a crime, don't trust your defence to simply anyone - trust the best. Beavon Lawyers has the expertise, capabilities, knowledge and legal advice that help to resolve criminal matters. When you need a dependable defence to any crime, Beavon Lawyers will be there for you. Contact us today for a free consultation. You may also want to check out our blog, where we pair answers to a wide variety of law and order questions.