As an Australian citizen, you’re entitled to the presumption of innocence. The presumption of innocence is a cornerstone of the Australian legal system, but is often prejudiced when a defendant doesn’t have competent legal representation. There is every reason to seek the assistance of one of our lawyers if you are charged with an offence; including but not limited to;

1. Equipped with experience
Whether you’re looking for a doctor to treat an ongoing health problem or need a mechanic to diagnose a ‘check engine’ warning on your vehicle, you want someone who comes from experience. That’s exactly what you’ll get from us at Beavon Lawyers. From domestic violence to drug offences, serious assault to petty theft, we’ve been practising law for over 30 years now and have won hundreds of cases.

Because we’ve seen just about everything, we have the insight and perspective to guide you effectively and protect your rights every step of the way. While you’re the one who ultimately makes the decisions, trust us when we say we have your best interests in mind. We’ll present you with all of your legal options and offer our informed opinion as to how you should progress your matters.

2. Can protect you from unlawful or unnecessarily invasive questioning
Depending upon what you’re being accused of or charged with, the police will likely want to question you to see what you know and square the facts as you know them with those that they’ve gathered. However, it’s important for you to understand you’re not required to talk to them whatsoever; indeed, you have a legal right to remain silent. But considering the fact that you have nothing to hide, you may waive this right and be willing to undergo an interrogation.

Having a solicitor present is important because they can identify any line of questioning that goes too far. While most police are honest and upstanding, their No. 1 goal is to solve the case. If they can persuade you to implicate yourself by asking leading questions, some won’t hesitate. The presence of defence counsel will provide you with the necessary guardrails so you avoid falling into a trap.

3. Serve as an ongoing source of support
The criminal justice system is a complex one and as a result of this defendants often find themselves overwhelmed and intimidated. This often results in defendants wanting to “get this over and done with” or “just wanting to plead to the charges so they’ll go away.” This intimidation quite often leads to the removal of a presumption of innocence. The benefit of having a lawyer is that they will navigate this complex system for you and help to ensure that you gain the best possible outcome, one that you more than likely wouldn’t have received by simply pleading to the charges as they are.

4. Can work out a plea bargain with the prosecutor
Trials cost time and money. It’s frequently in the prosecutor’s interest as well as the court’s to avoid going to trial and may be willing to negotiate a plea deal. This is where you agree to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Given your unique situation, you may have a hard time deciding whether the deal on the table is worth taking. Your defence counsel can evaluate what the prosecution is offering and depending on the fact of the case, suggest to you if the deal is favourable or if you should take your chances and go to trial. Again, while you as the client are the ultimate decider, a criminal defence solicitor presents you with all of your options so you’re fully informed.

5. They know the law
You’re entitled to represent yourself in Australia. But are you truly capable of doing that? Do you know what rights you’re entitled to? Could you identify a line of questioning during a trial that is grounds for an objection? If the answer is ‘no,’ hiring a criminal defence attorney will get you to yes.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, consider Beavon Lawyers for representation. Contact us today to learn more.